• Mobile app development
  • Mobile marketing
Since 2009

The company is successfully implementing business projects in the field of mobile technology - the most promising and rapidly growing field of IT.

The portfolio Mahuru more than 30 successful case studies that have helped our clients solve these business-critical tasks such as attracting a new audience of smartphone users, increased sales, getting repeat customers and others.

Your business

Today Mahuru helps businesses to successfully implement projects aimed at raising awareness, customer loyalty and partners, increase sales, automation of internal processes and other tasks.

Together we analyze the problem to be solved, creating the concept of the project and implement it using modern tools, which is what prilozhniya mobile platforms Apple iOS and Google Android.


Individual approach. Mahuru - a small company that allows us to find each client's individual mutually beneficial terms.

An integrated approach. We sell turnkey project from design concept to finished product promotion among your customers.

Warranty and quality. More than 30 successful projects, many of which we develop and maintain for a long time.